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    89X Super Smash Brothers Tournament

    Posted by Jake Webb on Wed, Jul 27, 2016


    What is Super Smash Bros.?

    Super Smash Bros. is a smash-hit crossover fighting game in which familiar faces from the Nintendo brand compete to send one another flying off the stage. The game features renowned characters such as Mario, Link, Pikachu, Samus, and many more! Super Smash Bros. was originally released on the Nintendo 64, but now Smash Bros. is back with it’s fourth installment on the Wii U, along with the addition of many new characters!


    Finely tuned for balanced competitive play, Super Smash Bros. is the perfect game for any contest, as well as a medium to settle that argument at your friends’ next get-together.

    Players can choose the hard-hitting Donkey Kong to pummel their foes, or decide on the swift Fox McCloud to out-maneuver and conquer! Choose the best character to fit your play style, and most importantly, don’t get sent flying!

    89X’s Super Smash Brothers Tournament

    You’ve been waiting for this opportunity - Maybe it was the $5,000 in prizes, or maybe it was the chance to finally settle who’s the greatest Smash player in Detroit. Either way, we have some news for you!

    On August 16th you can join 89X, MJR and The Specs Howard School of Media Arts as we come together to host the ultimate Super Smash Tournament! Many will fall, but only one shall be crowned 89X’s Super Smash Bros. Champion!



    How to Enter

    Head to www.89xradio.com, click on the contest page and submit your entry any time from July 23rd through August 8th.

    If you are chosen, you will have the opportunity to join the 128 competitors on August 16th for the tournament at MJR Troy.

    There are three second place prizes, but just one grand prize.






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