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    What is Broadcast Media Arts?

    Posted by Abby Cook on Thu, Apr 30, 2015
    What is Broadcast Media Arts? Creating audio and video content and distributing it to the masses via radio, television or the web is broadcasting. ...
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    Topics: Broadcast Media Arts, Broadcast Careers

    SAG-AFTRA Presents: Your Voiceover Career

    Posted by Bruce Thompson II on Mon, Apr 27, 2015
    On Monday May 4, 2015, America's premiere female live voice announcer, Randy Thomas, will be here at Specs Howard for "Your Voiceover Career". This ...
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    Topics: Voice Over Workshop

    Join the Specs Howard Video Team at the 18th Metro Times Blowout!

    Posted by Abby Cook on Mon, Apr 27, 2015
    In it's 18th year, Metro Times Blowout continues it's run as one of the most legendary music events in North America. Thousands of bands from every ...
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    Topics: Media Events, Metrotimes

    DMA Freestyle Friday : Designing A Professional Edit Suite

    Posted by Amy Brown on Mon, Apr 13, 2015
    Join us for our next Freestyle Friday! There’s more to a professional edit suite than just a MacBook Pro and an external hard drive from Best Buy. To ...
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    Topics: Freestyle Friday

    More Than Just Helmets: A Graphic Design Redo

    Posted by Alan Smith on Thu, Apr 9, 2015
    Have you seen the new concept helmets created by Dylan Yung, a fellow Graphic Designer? These were uploaded recently and have already over 3 million ...
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    Topics: Graphic Design, NFL

    Media Events of the Month: April

    Posted by Amy Brown on Wed, Apr 1, 2015
    Are you tired of finding out about cool events AFTER they have happened? Don't worry, we have come up with a solution for you! Specs Howard School of ...
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    Topics: Media, Media Events, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Industry, Broadcast

    5 Reasons You Should Come to a Walk-In Wednesday

    Posted by Bruce Thompson II on Wed, Apr 1, 2015
    Taking that first step towards pursuing something new can be intimidating. That's why, at Specs Howard, we leave our door open to all potential ...
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    Topics: Financial Aid

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