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    What is Broadcast Media Arts?

    Posted by Abby Cook on Thu, Apr 30, 2015


    What is Broadcast Media Arts? 

    Creating audio and video content and distributing it to the masses via radio, television or the web is broadcasting. Broadcast media arts is everything that goes into those productions. Being the voice or face of a show, running an audio board, directing live television, creating audio/visual effects and graphics, writing scripts, operating a camera and marketing via web and social media are all examples of what brings a broadcasted show together. 



    What do I need to know to obtain a career in Broadcasting? radio

    To obtain a job in the broadcast industry you must be able to:

    • Transform scripts into magazine-style news shows and productions
    • Edit video footage to tell a story using non-linear editing systems such a Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere
    • Write effective broadcast news stories
    • Create audio/video effects and graphics using programs such as Adobe Audition and Photoshop
    • Confidently deliver news, sports, weather or other features on-air
    • Market and represent yourself & companies via web and social media

    What types of jobs are available in Broadcast? Are all broadcast media arts jobs on-air?

    Not all jobs in the broadcast industry are on-air positions. Yes! Many of them are, but it's the people behind the scenes that make these programs go live. Some examples of broadcast media careers are: 

    • On-Air Talent: DJ, News Reporter, Sports Broadcaster
    • Marketing/Promotions
    • Camera Operator/Videographer
    • Producer
    • Director
    • Editor
    • Writer
    • Production Assistant
    • Video Technician/Engineer
    • Board Operator


    Where Can I Learn About Broadcast Media Arts?

    At Specs Howard School of Media Arts! At our Southfield campus, students will learn the necessary skills to get their start in the broadcast industry. Students will learn to write for broadcast; techniques to be live on-air; and how to create video and audio recordings. Students will also learn marketing via social media. Classes are held two days a week combined with online learning from instructors with experience in the broadcast field. Their experience and know-how will help you get started in the Broadcast field. To learn more and schedule your tour, contact an Admissions Representative by calling 866-61-SPECS, clicking here or click the button below.    

    Schedule a tour at Specs Howard!

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