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    What to know to start Shooting with DSLR Cameras

    Posted by Gasper Rubino on Mon, Apr 29, 2013
    By Christin Russman A new trend in the video industry is shooting video with HDSLR (or sometimes just referred to as “DSLR”) cameras. HDSLRs (Hybrid ...
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    Topics: Digital Media Arts, Tutorials, workshops, Specs Howard, Broadcast Media Arts

    What is ‘Responsive Web Design’

    Posted by Gasper Rubino on Thu, Apr 25, 2013
    By Dylan Mierzwinski These days we have loads of different devices: laptops, computers, iPhones, iPads, Nexus tablets, Smart TVs, Android phones, ...
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    Topics: Dylan Meirwinski, graphic design workshop, web design, Specs Howard, Digital Media

    Why I Work in Broadcast Media Arts

    Posted by Gasper Rubino on Tue, Apr 23, 2013
    By Chris Phelps When my career in media started I found myself not getting exactly what I wanted out of it. I was working in sales and I hadn’t found ...
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    Topics: Grad Stories, spotlight, Specs Howard School, Broadcast Media Arts

    Looking for New Web Design Trends

    Posted by Gasper Rubino on Fri, Apr 12, 2013
    Last year saw a great deal of new web design trends, most altered the way we looked and interacted with some of our favorite sites. Now, with almost ...
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    Topics: web design, Graphic Design, graphic design industry

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