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The Joe Wade Formicola Broadcasting Scholarship

May 2018 Open House Graduate Panel

Specs Howard 48th Anniversary

4 Tips for Effective Networking

Industry Tips: Shooting Video on Your Phone

We Have A Winner!

Constitution Day- 2017

Big Jim's Big Break

2017 Halfway to Comic-Con

WDIV Film Challenge Detroit 2017

Metallica Day Recap

Industry Tips: How to Shoot an Interview

Industry Tips: How to Use Your Broadcasting Voice

Industry Tips: Pro Camcorder vs DSLR

Industry Tips: How to Properly Set Up a C-Stand

Specs Howard Internship Fair 2017

Grad Story: Josh Campos

Industry Tips: What is Native ISO?

Industry Tips: How to Wrap/Wrangle Cable Like a Professional

Industry Tips: Achieving the Cinematic Film Look on a DSLR

Tips For Freelancers

Things You Should Do Before, During, and After a Job Interview

How to Interact With Clients

The Bare Necessity For Shooting Your Own Video

And The Winner Is....

How Lighting Affects Mood

2016 Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association Scholarship Award


Constitution Day- 2016

3 Tips for Creative Videography

What's The Deal With Today's Video Game Logos?

Graphic Means: A Documentary on the History of Graphic Design Production

Vans Warped Tour 2016

WDIV Film Challenge Detroit 2016

89X Super Smash Brothers Tournament

Reddit & You

So, Which Camera Should I Buy?

Social Media Day Detroit

Specs Howard at the Belle Isle Grand Prix

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2016

89X - 89 Hour Film Festival

High School Media Career Day

Grad Story: Rob Wourman

Grad Story: Steve Linville

Grad Story: Remy Smith

Grad Story: Ric Pruneda

Life Lessons From The Field: Ric Pruneda

Grad Story: Erik Aratari

Grad Story: Karl Williams

Grad Story: Emily Riggio

Grad Story: Ron Hilliard

Grad Story: Cait Connor

What's Going On When We Color?

How To: Go Behind The Scenes At Specs Howard

Grad Story: Jamie Savalle

The world says goodbye to two of it's most renowned type designers.

Grad Story: Reed Petitpren

A Genius Idea: Albert Einstein Font

Grad Story: Scott West

Media Events of the Month: July

Financial Aid 101

6 Trends in the Evolution of Digital Video and Web Design

5 Ways Your Design Skills Can Improve This Summer

9 Tips For Your Cover Letter Makeover

Can you spot the Adobe Photoshop fake?

Media Events of the Month: June

Follow us on Twitter during the Grand Prix Tweetup

The Evolution of Digital Video & Web Design Forum

Media Events of the Month: May

What is Broadcast Media Arts?

SAG-AFTRA Presents: Your Voiceover Career

Join the Specs Howard Video Team at the 18th Metro Times Blowout!

DMA Freestyle Friday : Designing A Professional Edit Suite

More Than Just Helmets: A Graphic Design Redo

Media Events of the Month: April

5 Reasons You Should Come to a Walk-In Wednesday

GFX Lunch and Learn: The Gradient Mesh Tool

Freestyle Friday : The Wedding Video Playbook

How to make custom fonts with Photoshop and Illustrator

The 53rd Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival

DMA Freestyle Friday: Short Film Competition - Spring 2015

Media Events of the Month - March

Top 10 Networking Tips

Battle of the Design Terms

Specs Howard's Top 15 Media Memes

DMA Freestyle Friday: Lighting Illuminated

Valentine's Day cards from Specs Howard

Celebrate Pączki Day in Hamtramck

Animated & Live Action Shorts Playing at the DIA

How The Super Bowl Won Digital and Social Media

Academy Award Nominated Documentary Shorts Showing at the DIA

Drinks X Design for Graphic Designers

Join Specs Howard at the Great Lakes Comic Con

How the FCC Saved Net Neutrality Because of You

Media Events of the Month - February

Pantone announces Color of the Year for 2015

Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference

Lunch and Learn: Essesntial Lighting Techniques for Digital Photography

Freestyle Friday: Adobe Story

Join Specs Howard for WXYZ's Family Day at the 2015 Auto Show!

Follow us on Twitter during the Auto Show Tweetup

Voice Acting – Confronting the Commercial Script

5 of the Most Impressive Logos that May Surprise You

How to create winter graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Creative Design Packaging

How Does Color and Shape Affect Your Design?

The 36th Annual Telly Awards

Calicos - A Specs Howard Thanksgiving Short

What is Digital Media?

Specs Howard's Top 20 Humorous Graphic Design Memes

5 Reasons You Should Come To Our Graphic Design Open House

WXYZ expands into new downtown broadcast studio

Media Industry Night

What is Graphic Design?

The Tale of Kernevil

5 Ways Nature Can Inspire Art (And How to Utilize It)

How to create Halloween graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Newly purchased Studio Center preps to reopen in 2015

Basic Scene Lighting -- Sculpting your scene with light

#SpecsGradAtWork Twitter Photo Contest!

Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association Scholarships

#SpecsGradAtWork Snapchat Photo Contest!

Constitution Day

#SpecsGradAtWork Instagram Photo Contest

Behind the scenes of the Emmy award winning PBS show: Great Lakes~Great Tastes

Specs Grad Spotlight: WJBK FOX2 Grads pt. 2

Specs Grad Spotlight: WJBK FOX2 Grads

#SpecsGradAtWork Facebook Photo Contest!

Life Lessons From The Field: Taylor Sharpe

#SpecsGradAtWork Photo Contest!

Adobe Audition Turn-Up!

Life Lessons From The Field: Cody Trombley

Life Lessons From The Field: Justin Baker

Join the Specs Howard Video Team at the 17th Metro Times Blowout!

The Dos and Don'ts of Graphic Design

Specs grad takes on rebranding of the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz

On-Camera Performance Workshop

5 Keys to be Successful in Radio Broadcasting

Specs Howard Internship Fair

Life Lessons From The Field: Matt “Easy E” Evans

Life Lessons From The Field: Casey Humbles

Specs Howard School Of Media Arts Celebrates 44 Years

Continuing Your Education: Five Online Resources for Filmmakers

What is Joomla?…no really what is it?

Specs Students Compete In The "48 Hour Film Competition"

Craft Your Kernen Cube Man! Join the contest!

Designing Halloween

A Special "Type" of Hate

Specs Howard Grad: Bridgette "Bri" Wood

Graphic Design, and Digital Media Event of the Week

Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association: Specs Howard Scholarship

7 Design Documentaries That Can Make You a Better Graphic Designer

Specs Howard Grad: Mark McKenzie

The Interview - The dos and don'ts to help you land the job

4 Best Digital Video Editing Apps for Android

Sharing Stories Via Digital Video

Specs Howard Graphic Design Grad: Bryan Boedeker

Resume Writing Basics: What Media Professionals need to know

Horror Film Lighting on a Budget

Shooting Video for Editing

10 Sites Every Web Design Professional Should Know About

HTML 5: The Future of Web Design

Specs Howard Honors Metro Detroit's Media Educator of the Year

Dropbox: A Web Design lifesaver

So You Want to be a Digital Media YouTube Star?

Web Design from 2012 to 2013: Skeuomorphic Vs Flat Design

Creating Digital Media with the Adobe Creative Cloud

What to know to start Shooting with DSLR Cameras

What is ‘Responsive Web Design’

Why I Work in Broadcast Media Arts

Looking for New Web Design Trends

Speaking About Media Arts Jobs

Careers in Radio Broadcasting are DEAD!

Specs Howard's 10 Ways to Spot a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design Grad Story

Specs Howard School celebrates 43 years in the industry!

Specs Howard Grad Story: Steve Linville

Rochester College Articulation Agreement

The Universal Arts of Graphic Design

Digital Media Video Length: It's about Content not Size!

Grad Story: Shawn Palmer

5 Best Graphic Design iPhone Apps

Catching up With Kernen: From the Mailbox

Why Digital Video Content is Important?

Specs Howard Digital Media Arts Grad: Dylan Mierzwinski

Specs Grad Jay Hud

Michigan State Honors Dick Kernen

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