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    Basic Scene Lighting -- Sculpting your scene with light

    Posted by Amy Brown on Tue, Oct 14, 2014


    Broadcast Media Arts Freestyle Friday

    Basic Scene Lighting -- Sculpting your scene with light

    Friday October 24 | 11am – 1pm | Studio A 


    Current students- take your lighting to the next level – step up from flat television-style lighting to a more cinematic approach. Learn to add and subtract lights and modifiers to suit the mood of your scene. 

    The event will begin with a short presentation/lecture to get everyone onto the same page.

    Following, the group will decide the type of lighting to focus on. Examples are bright sitcom set (NBC Comedies), gritty realistic drama (Walking Dead), or horror movie suspense.

    Join us in Southfield for the latest BMA Freestyle Friday! 

    Your hosts: Gary Bosek, John Hoover, Steve Strasz

    IT’S FREE! Register on Sakai, or see Randy Z in the Student Success office



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