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    Specs Grad Spotlight: WJBK FOX2 Grads pt. 2

    Posted by Abby Cook on Thu, Aug 7, 2014


    Welcome back! Hopefully we haven't kept you waiting too long. We've got more FOX 2 Specs grads ready to tell you about their experience at Specs, what they are doing now, and of course some guidance on getting started. 


    Connie Smith, with help from the Specs Howard Career Services Department, started out just like anyone else, at the bottom as a Production Assistant. Now she is the Producer for FOX 2 Detroit's morning show, "The Nine". Take a look at what Connie does in her role as Producer and listen to her advice about getting started in the media industry.


    James Jackson explains his journey through the media industry and how he has always stayed in touch with the Specs Howard Career Services Department, which in turn helped him find jobs all around the country. He also shares how he has also called Specs looking for people to work for his production company. Watch this video and learn about what James has to say about his experience and relationship with Specs.


    We hope you have enjoyed this special Specs Grad Spotlight segment on our FOX 2 grads! Here is one last short video that features all the grads we talked to. They leave you with their best piece of advice to anybody interested in Specs Howard and getting into the media industry.


    We hope you have enjoyed hearing from these wonderful Specs grads. These grads worked hard and put in the time needed to move up in the industry.  If Broadcast Media Arts is the field you want to get started in, learn more about Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Make an appointment to take a tour of the school and get all of your questions answered by one of our Admissions Representative. If you want to hear from more Specs grads click here, the button below, or check out our "Life Lessons From The Field" series on our blog


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