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    6 Trends in the Evolution of Digital Video and Web Design

    Posted by Amy Brown on Tue, Jun 16, 2015


    Today's computer based technology is quickly evolving each and every year. The ways we shop, read news stories, watch television, and communicate with one another has changed in big ways in just a small amount of time. As people who work in and love the media industry, we need to keep up with the developing trends or be left behind. Some are being used in full force right now and others are just starting to be put into practice.


    Why would we bundle Web Design and Digital Video trends together? Because that is the way they are both being used: together. Many people who work in one field often work side-by-side with those in the other. Some media professionals do both web and video in their everyday jobs. 



    1 - Online Video. Companies are just starting to realize the latest trend of online videos. They need videos that are entertaining, high quality, mobile friendly, and that can lead to the viewer becoming a customer. Local business and multi-national corporations all can benefit from using videos to reach their customers. They will all need someone to make these compelling videos; therefore the industry is expected to grow in the years to come. 





    2 - Camera Equipment. The equipment being used to create these videos is becoming more affordable for the smaller production company or freelancer. This new technology can capture video shots from angles and places not easily within reach. 



    Drones  - They can get amazing aerial shots only captured before by using a large crane or renting a helicopter and pilot. After some training, a camera operator can get the shots, saving the production company time and money 

    Light Weight Stabilizer Rigs - Being able to follow the talent moving around is done with a camera on a dolly or using a camera operator with a Steadicam to keep the movement smooth and not too jumpy. Having to pay an operator for them can be expensive. Now there are cheaper, more lightweight, and easier to use rigs to catch that steady shot. 

    4K Cameras - The next big resolution upgrade is 4K. Cameras to shoot in 4K are becoming cheaper to buy and TV sets to support it are now widely available. For the past few years, YouTube has supported the new resolution so videos are being seen at that rate. Why should people care about 4K? It creates a much clearer picture with less noise. Current HD video is 1080x1920 pixels, 4K is 4 times that large at 4,000 pixels. 




    3 - Responsive Web Design. Websites are also changing the way the user interacts with it. Many web sites are adapting to the trend of people being on a mobile device such as a tablet or a phone when accessing the internet. Sites are using new layouts such as card-based design. Think of the popular social site Pinterest. You, the user, can scroll through and see multiple sections that are about the size and shape of a business card. You can quickly browse through and click further to continue reading. Another benefit of this style is being able to scroll for longer periods of time. Even sites that are not card layout based are using this new trend. Scrolling through a site is easier on your phone than having to keep clicking through to find more information. 


    6trends_04_300x250 4 - Compelling Camera Techniques. People watching a video want to learn more about the product you are selling and they often will continue watching if you can emotionally relate to them. Creating videos that are funny, sad, or thought provoking can help create buzz around your product or brand. Adding emotion into the videos can be done with music or a script, but it is often brought to life by the ways the camera is used. Many video content creators use rack-focusing, or focus pulling. This is when the camera is focused on an object with the rest of the scene blurry and then changes the focus to another object. This technique can draw the viewer into a persons face or to an action you want them to pay closer attention to. 




    5 - Personalized Video. Many companies are finding that they can gain customers easier by creating different videos and marketing them differently for each different type of customer they are trying to reach. This means having to create many videos keeping their video production team employed. Marketing is no longer just trying to reach the masses, it is about creating and keeping relationships with the customer. 


    6trends_06_300x250 6 - Attention Grabbing Web Sites For All!

    Using bold colors while not being too distracting is the next big thing in web design. Having a fluorescent page is not really the goal, but correctly using a bold color choice can bring your site to life.

    Another attention grabber is using large photos that take up the entire page. Having a high quality image or even video that scrolls with the page can grab the attention of the viewer especially if they are on a device with a smaller screen.

    Lastly, using hidden menus on websites makes the site look cleaner and is much more mobile friendly. Menus are now often only seen after the mouse is hovering over or when you click or touch the menu pop-up. 



    While this is just the beginning of the up and coming trends in the media industry, we hope this list can get you started. No matter your career choice in video or web, it is important to keep yourself up to date on the current direction of design and video. Do you want to get more involved with the advancement of these topics? 

    If you need to get started in an education in digital video and web design, check out our Digital Media Arts and Graphic Design programs. Click on the link below to set up your appointment with one of our Admissions Representatives. 

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