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    5 of the Most Impressive Logos that May Surprise You

    Posted by Bruce Thompson II on Mon, Dec 8, 2014

    There isn't a day that goes by where we are not surrounded by the logos of the companies that make America tick. Here are five popular and extremely well-thought out logos that may take you by surprise.

    1) FedEx


    VIA: FedEx

    This is a logo that everybody recognizes, but did you know that this logo brilliantly uses negative space to drive the point of what they're all about. Take a look at the white space between the "e" and "x". That space creates a white arrow pointing forward symbolizing the company continuing to move the country forward by being our connection to each other that we can rely on.

    2) Sony Vaio



    VIA: Sony Vaio

    Sony is a leading creator of game consoles, cameras, electronics, etc., but did you know that they also have a very creative team as well? The Sony Vaio is Sony's effort into the world of laptops. They are impressive, but what may be even more impressive is their logo. The first half of logo, the "VA" is written using an analog wave, while the "IO" is written by replicating a 1 and 0 to represent binary. Not only do these elements combined tell you exactly who it is, but also represent the combination of analog and digital technology that is so commonly used today.

    3) Avid



    VIA: Avid

    If you have any experience with video editing, you may recognize Avid. Avid is a digital editing suite that is used frequently to edit major films. Their logo is clever because it is made out of manipulated play and eject symbols, but at the same time spells the name of the company. This genius integration makes Avid a company that is easily recognized and remembered.

    4) The Guild of Food Writers



    VIA: Guild of Food Writers

    The Guild of Food Writers is a well-respected group of food critics in the UK who love to write about....well...food. This group of professionals have a logo that is also an excellent example of how to use negative space to remain memorable.  Can you spot the spoon? 

    5) Sun Microsystems



    VIA: Oracle/Sun Microsystems

    Sun Microsystems (known as Sun) was a company that excelled in computer server and computer hardware sales. It has since been bought by Oracle Corporation, but Sun Microsystems will have one of the most memorable logos in the computer industry. No matter what angle you look at the "S" square, it spells "Sun".


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