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    Industry Tips: What is Native ISO?

    Posted by Theodore Cole Anderson on Fri, Mar 3, 2017
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    Topics: Digital Media Arts, Digital Media, camera techniques, native iso, ISO, industry tips, video production

    The Bare Necessity For Shooting Your Own Video

    Posted by Specs Intern on Tue, Nov 22, 2016
    So, you want to shoot your own video but don’t know what you need or how to start. Here is a list of equipment you should consider buying if you want ...
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    Topics: Lighting, camera, camera techniques, shooting, setting a scene, batteries, memory cards

    3 Tips for Creative Videography

    Posted by Jake Webb on Mon, Sep 12, 2016
    Have you ever watched a film and wondered, "How did they do that?" Well, while many filmmakers have their secret tricks that have yet to be ...
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    Topics: digital media industry, dslr, Digital Media Arts, Digital Media, videography, vertigo, speed ramping, camera techniques, dolly zoom, lens wacking, dolly technique

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