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Industry Tips: Pro Camcorder vs DSLR

Posted on Mon, Apr 17, 2017

 If you are looking to break into the media industry you may have one question on your mind, “should I use a Pro Camcorder or a DSLR?” Well, Both options have definite advantages over the other but it mostly just comes down to what production you are working on. Let's take a look at what some of those differences are.

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Topics: dslr, Digital Media, industry tips, Camcorder

Industry Tips: Achieving the Cinematic Film Look on a DSLR

Posted on Fri, Feb 3, 2017


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Topics: dslr, Digital Media Arts, Film, Lighting, videography, cinematography, color grading, tips, composition, white balance, dynamic range, shutter speed, ISO

3 Tips for Creative Videography

Posted on Mon, Sep 12, 2016

Have you ever watched a film and wondered, "How did they do that?" Well, while many filmmakers have their secret tricks that have yet to be explained, we can at least shed some light on a few other good techniques. Here we've compiled a list explaining three useful artistic videography tips to help spice up your next production.

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Topics: digital media industry, dslr, Digital Media Arts, Digital Media, videography, vertigo, speed ramping, camera techniques, dolly zoom, lens wacking, dolly technique

So, Which Camera Should I Buy?

Posted on Tue, Jun 7, 2016


The surge in popularity of using DSLR and mirrorless cameras to shoot video means there are hundreds of affordable quality cameras on the market. How is someone just starting out in video production supposed to sort through it all and decide what camera to buy? We’ve got your back! Take a look at this breakdown of the most important features in choosing a DSLR or mirrorless video camera.

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Topics: BMA, dslr, Digital Media Arts, Film, Freelance, dma, sensor, 4k, camera, lens

Continuing Your Education: Five Online Resources for Filmmakers

Posted on Fri, Jan 3, 2014

Written by Matt Winne

Let’s be honest.  No matter how much you learn in school

about a trade, you’re going to need to learn more.  This is true for any industry, but especially film and video.  In this industry changes occur rapidly: technology advances; new standards are created; new products emerge.  It can be difficult to keep up, but keeping up is vital to success. 

Your education must continue beyond the classroom, and

you will need to seek out new teachers.  Luckily there are many educational websites out there which feature tutorials, gear reviews, and examples of professional work.  Below is a list of five websites which consistently publish insightful and educational material about the film and video industry.


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