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    Specs Howard School Of Media Arts Celebrates 44 Years

    Posted by Specs Intern on Mon, Jan 13, 2014


    44 years ago Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts opened it’s doors to students eager to train in the radio industry. Over the years, the school has expanded to include programs in all aspects of the media arts. This resulted in the renaming of the school in 2009 to Specs Howard School of Media Arts.

    Since January 14th, 1970, there has been tremendous growth not only here at Specs Howard but also in the media industry. While we were just opening our doors in 1970, PBS and NPR were just opening their doors to the media world as well. In 1976, cable television was first went live. Shortly after that, we added our first television studio in 1981. That was also the year that MTV first aired playing “Video Killed the Radio Star” as their first song. The 90’s brought us the digital age. The first professional digital camera system and in home internet access was brought to life in the early 90’s. Naturally, in 1994 the school added non-linear digital video editing to it's curriculum. In 2003, the Adobe Creative Suite was founded, so in 2008 we added the Graphic Design Program.

    Today, Specs Howard School offers undergraduate programs of study in Broadcast Media Arts, Graphic Design and Digital Media Arts. The curriculum at Specs Howard School focuses on teaching students the skills and knowledge needed to work with industry equipment in job-related activities through a "hands-on" approach. Specs Howard students are continuously building confidence and increasing skill levels, while working toward achieving their ultimate goal: employment.

    Specs Howard School is a private career school that takes an active interest in every student's individual development. All faculty members have received college degrees in their areas of expertise and/or have worked extensively in their field.

    detroitNews1989Since the time that Mr. Howard first opened the school in 1970, our students have been preparing for careers in the media through a practical, hands-on approach. Over the years, we have adapted our curriculum in response to the tremendous growth in the industries for which we train. One thing that has not changed is the practical, hands-on, "real-world" approach to learning.



    Take a look at some of Specs Howard School of Media Arts biggest milestones over the last 44 years.

    Specs Howard School begins offering programs in basic radio performance and federal licensing requirements.

    Specs Howard School incorporates its first on-air radio station, WNLD, as part of the radio program curriculum. 


    Specs Howard School receives national accreditations. In 1983, the school is approved for federal financial aid programs. 


    Specs Howard School adds its first television studio, allowing students to study camera operation, lighting, directing and video editing. 


    Keeping pace with new technologies, the school adds non-linear digital video editing to its curriculum.


    Due to the demand for graphic and web design professionals, Specs Howard adds the Graphic Design program.


    To reflect the new curriculum offerings, the school changes its name from Specs Howard School of Broadcasting to Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Specs Howard opens a satellite location at Studio Center in Farmington Hills. 


    In response to increasing demand for web-based media professionals, the Digital Media Arts program is introduced. 


    Specs Howard School converts all curriculum to 12-month blended learning programs that combine 2 days a week in the classroom with weekly online components. 


    As you can see, Specs Howard School of Media Arts is always growing as the media indsutry evolves. Click on the link below to view a timeline of the school.


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