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    Specs Spotlight: Conrad Reed

    Posted by Steven Ferraro on Thu, Dec 19, 2019


    One day, Conrad Reed was sitting in stand-still traffic on the highway, listening to talk radio. As he listened to the spirited discussion and fun the hosts were having with each other, a revelation came to him. Conrad realized he wanted to be on the broadcast side of the equation, spreading the same kind of joy, information, and camaraderie that his favorite radio hosts did. With this in mind, Conrad decided to attend the Specs Howard School of Media Arts. After graduation, he worked in the industry until he landed his dream job of on-air hosting position at 96.9 WBTI in Port Huron, Michigan. Watch the video below to learn more about Conrad, his journey in radio, and what life is like now as an on-air radio talent!


    Topics: Radio, BMA, Broadcast, morning show host

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