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    Life Lessons From The Field: Ric Pruneda

    Posted by Abby Cook on Wed, Jan 27, 2016



    "I’ve loved music since I was a kid and knew that I would do nothing else." -Ric Pruneda


    We asked Specs Grad Ric Pruneda to give us some insight on working in all aspects of the radio industry.


    Ric has been up to some pretty exciting things since this interview. Check out where he is now complete with a short video interview here

    Tell us a little about yourself.
    I’ve loved music since I was a kid and knew that I would do nothing else. I’ve been in bands and toured doing hip hop since the early 90’s. I’ve been a bar and nightclub DJ since 1998 and getting into radio was the next logical step. Since graduating Specs in January 2013 I’ve been working for Greater Media Detroit and have just accepted the job as Program Director for RawRadioX.com, where I also host two weekly shows. 

    Where do you work and what do you do there?
    I work for Greater Media Detroit as a Promotions Assistant. I also work for RawRadioX.com as the Program Director and On-Air Talent.

    What attracted you to the program you were in?
    The teachers, the hands on experience and the fact that I knew a lot of Specs Howard success stories on a personal level all helped convince me to go to Specs.

    Describe your most memorable Specs Howard moment.
    My most memorable Specs moment was the first week of third quarter. I got the right grades and attendance required to accept an internship with Greater Media Detroit.

    How does Specs Howard prepare you for the real world?
    Specs taught me how to conduct myself professionally with mock job interviews and really reinforced the fact that you need to work hard for your goals. Both of those things really helped out.

    Did you participate in any internships or volunteer programs? If so, what effect did it have on jumpstarting your career?
    I volunteered to help Greater Media Detroit at one of their events, and that event is what helped me land my internship with them. Which eventually led to me getting hired in.

    What advice would you give a student currently attending Specs Howard?
    My advice for current students has to be listen. Listen and take every last note.

    What was the most important thing you learned at Specs?
    The most important thing I learned at Specs was that hard work equals success. And of course to stop chasing waterfalls. Rivers & lakes people, rivers & lakes.

    Have you encountered other Specs grads in the workplace? Explain.
    Absolutely! I work with several other Specs Grads at Greater Media and since becoming the Program Director of Rawradiox.com I have personally brought several grads in to the mix. They now have successful shows on the station.

    What’s your ideal type of station to work for?
    Rock. Open Format. Internet radio. 

    What DJ do you look up to?
    The DJs I work with, that I’m proud to now call friends. Anne Carlini, Screamin’ Scott, Meltdown, Al Beck, Jade Springart, Juline Jordan, Doug Podell, Ken Calvert, Drew Lane, Steve Kostan, Lynn Koon, Steve Black and of course Dave & Chuck the Freak

    What is your biggest accomplishment in the radio biz?
    My biggest accomplishment would be that my show “Dirty Words” on RawRadioX.com is currently being streamed in 20 countries!

    What other ways do you connect with fans?
    I connect to my fans via all types of social media including Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    What drew you to this profession?
    What drew me into radio? My love for music… and talking.

    Name some common misconceptions about your job for us. 
    Behind the scenes of a radio station there is a promo team and we work very hard. You can find us carrying cement buckets, setting up tents, working in the heat AND the cold. It’s not all partying with rock stars.

    What did your family and friends think of your career choice?
    Everyone in my life was behind my decision 100%. Some wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner.

    What character traits should a person in your profession have?
    Somebody in my profession needs to have a sense of humor, drive, and determination.

    What do you find most challenging in your position?
    Live Broadcasts are most challenging. Anything can go wrong.

    What are some of your daily responsibilities?
    What I do daily always changes. I could be setting up events, tents, broadcasts, or recording my RIFF2 show, booking and promoting my internet show and trying to get Raw Radio X to the next level. There is always something to be done.

    What is the craziest thing you’ve ever had to do for the job?
    I worked at the Orion Fest on Belle Isle and for one of the two days, myself and only one other guy had to inflate hundreds of beach balls, and 6 foot WRIF promo snakes. Possibly thousands. It was nuts, we were even mentioned on Blabbermouth because of it.

    What do you hope to achieve in the next 10 years?
    In the next 10 years, I hope to own my own internet station.

    What future trends do you see in your industry?
    Internet radio is the future!

    What is one thing you want to learn?
    I would love to get into video editing. (Might see you again soon, Specs).


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