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    Campus Update- August 4, 2020

    Posted by Holly Krause on Tue, Aug 4, 2020
    Holly Krause


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    As the world adapts to a “new normal” with COVID-19, Specs Howard is taking proactive steps to implement Phase 2 of our “Return to the Classroom” operating strategy. While there are still significant unknowns about the future of COVID-19 and its impact on Michigan, we have, and always will, regard your health and safety as a top priority at the Specs Howard School of Media Arts.


    Like other schools, organizations and businesses around the world, we are slowly getting back to work, but for now, it will not be business as usual. You’ll see your friends, classmates and instructors, but you will be required to wear a mask at all times and remain at least six feet apart from other visitors and staff. With an understanding that moving from one phase to the next is a fluid movement, many considerations are taken before making such a move. As we progress further into any phase, there may be a need to slow down and possibly even revert to a previous phase under certain conditions, as recommended by state and local officials, to ensure the health and safety of our staff and students.


    Phase 2 of the Plan (effective August 17th):


    Please keep in mind that each class is unique. Your instructor will let you know ahead of time what to expect in each class, each week. Stay tuned to Canvas messages and class announcements for the quickest communications. Below is a list of general expectations during Phase 2:


    • Lectures and assignment demonstrations will be delivered asynchronously, if required. This means you can view them at any time during the week, but we prefer that you view the content during your scheduled class time, if not before. This does not count toward your resident attendance.


    • At your regularly scheduled resident course time (10 AM or 6 PM), your instructor will be live online via the Canvas BigBlueButton conference to cover the week’s assignments and expectations. This counts toward your resident attendance; please be on time!


      • You may attend class online via the BigBlueButton (this will still be recorded) at the class start time, or you may schedule to attend face to face, which will be limited to six students at a time.


      • Your instructor will remain online via BigBlueButton for the duration of the scheduled class. In the event that you have any questions while working on the weekly assignments, log back into the conference.


      • Your instructor will also be available face to face in your scheduled classroom for the duration of the class. If you would like to attend for additional assistance, please schedule an appointment to come to the school.


      • Please note that you may be required to complete an assignment before the end of class in order to count toward your resident attendance.


    • Students are allowed to request and pick up production gear for any class assignment. The gear will be sanitized using a 99% isopropyl alcohol solution before you pick it up. 


      • Gear is to be used during your “class” time and must be returned immediately after class.


      • Upon return, the equipment must be wiped down with a 99% isopropyl alcohol solution, assisted by your instructor.


      • You MUST submit an online gear request via your Canvas module and receive confirmation from your instructor.


    • Students are allowed to request studio time for any class assignment. Students will be limited to a maximum of five at a time, which means that some time slots may be outside of the scheduled class time to accommodate all students. The equipment will be sanitized before and after use.


    • Students are allowed to use the matte room to print and assemble any projects required for class. The use of the room will be limited to your scheduled class time.


    As we implement our strategy to safely welcome all of you back to the building, I want to invite each of you to return with an understanding that we will be utilizing safety protocols and sanitizing procedures to do our part in protecting all who enter our facility. It is CRITICAL and EXPECTED that if you have symptoms, are concerned that you have been in direct contact with anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or have traveled outside of Michigan in the last 14 days, you DO NOT attempt to enter the facility. Please contact your instructor or the Student Success Department via Canvas and advise them of your situation.


    As we progress from phase to phase, your questions and concerns are valued and encouraged. If you would like to ask a question or talk with someone regarding this plan, please follow this link and we will respond by the next business day. https://www.specshoward.edu/student-help-request/


    As of August 17, 2020, the Specs Howard campus is only open to students and staff. Any visitors will need to make an appointment with the appropriate staff member to enter our facility. Please check back to this page regularly for updates on our visitor policy. 


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