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Specs Howard 48th Anniversary

Posted on Sun, Jan 14, 2018


SpecsHoward in 1989.jpegFounder, Specs Howard, in 1989

Since its inception, Specs Howard has been dedicated to providing hands-on training in the media industries. Take a look at this brief history of the school! Share your favorite Specs Howard memories and pictures using #Specs48years !


1970- The Specs Howard School begins offering programs in basic radio performance and federal licensing requirements. 

Early 1980 Radio Students in studio.jpeg

1973- The Specs Howard School incorporates its first on-air radio station, WNLD, as part of the radio program. 

1978- The Specs Howard School receives accreditation. 

Video Studio.jpeg

1981- The Specs Howard School adds its first TV studio, allowing students to study camera operation, lighting, directing and video editing. 

1983- The school is approved for federal financial aid programs. 

Edit Bay.jpeg

1994- Keeping pace with new technologies, the school adds non-linear digital video editing to its curriculum. 

2012 Graphic Design Student working in Matte Room.jpg

2008- Due to demand for graphic and web design professionals, The Specs Howard School adds the Graphic Design program. 


2009- The name of the school is changed to the Specs Howard School of Media Arts. 

2011 Camera Man shooting on digital video camera.jpg

2010- In response to increasing demand for web-based media professionals, the Digital Media Arts program is introduced. 


2012- All Specs Howard programs become 12-month blended learning programs that combined classroom with weekly online components. 

2016  copy.jpg

2016- The Specs Howard School of Media Arts receives a "School of Distinction" award from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). 






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