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    How to make custom fonts with Photoshop and Illustrator

    Posted by Amy Brown on Wed, Mar 11, 2015


    We’ve had some good times with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials for the holidays. You can check them out here and here. Now, we've found some font tutorials that you can use all year long. Let us know which ones you’ve tried. Share, post, or tweet images using #SpecsHoward 


          image via adobe.com 



     Gold Letters  

    Photoshop Essentials is an excellent website to work on some simple Photoshop tutorials. They have a variety of lessons with a few different options for customizing your own text. One of our faves is this gold text. It's a fun way to make your projects really shine. You will use a custom gradient and bevel and emboss the letters and bam! Shiny and new gold letters. 





    Create your own Frozen themed party with this ‘cool’ text! You will need to download a few images of ice for the tutorial. The links are at the beginning of the lesson. 








    For a sparkly good time, try this tutorial out for size. They have you download a particular font, but you could use any font you choose. The finished text will add some great sparkle and shine to your letters. 








     Neon Lights  

    Create a neon sign with these letters. You can choose any background or color for the font you would like. Removing a small piece from each letter gives the illusion the letters look like real neon lights. 






    Light Burst   

    Another great tutorial from Photoshop Essentials. Now you can make this bright burst of light styled text. This lesson has many steps but they are easy, so just follow along. Not a fan of the colors? You can simply change the colors to alter the look. 









    Turn any font into a Scribble font 


    This tutorial uses Illustrator and it is super easy. You can have tons of fun with these tips on creating a scribble style using any font. Try a few different ones out. 







    Another easy tutorial with Illustrator shows you how to make a blueprint style piece. We like this one for a company logo. 








    For fans of The Big Bang Theory, you can create your own Bazinga style letters with Illustrator. You will create your own pattern for inside the letters; no need to download a pattern. Change up the colors and letters used. Make a cool super hero style image with someones name with this tutorial. 







    Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are used by both our Graphic Design and Digital Media Arts students. Our GFX program teaches students how to create images, fonts, and designs for print and web design. In DMA, students learn how to design for video with Photoshop and Illustrator. To learn more about our programs and to take a tour of Specs Howard School of Media Arts, click the button below! 

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