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    Pantone announces Color of the Year for 2015

    Posted by Amy Brown on Sat, Jan 31, 2015
    Pantone introduces it's color of the year for 2015! 

    Pantone, self-described as the world-renowned authority on color, predicts which hue will be the hottest trend in the upcoming year. Marsala was officially announced as the official color of 2015. Characterized as ‘naturally robust and earthy’, Marsala will be used in everything from home furnishings to clothing and cosmetics to graphic design.  


    all images via Pantone.com 

    “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability”  --  Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®.



    Who is Pantone? What do they do?

    Pantone is a custom color service company. They provide a set of standards so that wherever something is manufactured in the world, the color would be an exact match. Pantone colors are used in a variety of industries including: printing and packaging, fashion and home, paint, plastics, paper, and fabrics. 



    How do they pick a Color of the Year? 

    According to Pantone, 

    “Pantone combs the world looking for color influences. This can include the fashion and entertainment industries – including films that are in production, the world of art, popular travel destinations and other socioeconomic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, the availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.”



    Previous colors have been Radiant Orchid, Emerald, Tangerine Tango, Honeysuckle, Turquoise, and Mimosa. 

    2014_Rollover 2013_Rollover 2012_Rollover 2011_Rollover 2010_Rollover 2009_Rollover



    Pantone started as a company that set standards for graphic designers and now it has expanded beyond into a variety of industries. It still has a major influence with designers and their clients. As a designer, you can design packaging or a logo for a client and feel confident that when it is printed it will be done in the correct color. 


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