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How Lighting Affects Mood

Posted on Mon, Oct 17, 2016

Many different techniques and tricks have been used over the years to strike up a certain mood or emotional reaction from an audience. One of the biggest, and probably most important factors, is lighting. Good lighting is normally achieved by paying close attention to the basic concepts of direction, intensity, color, and contrast. All these different things play a huge part in giving one's project a certain feel. Here are a few ways lighting is used to influence the mood of a scene.

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Topics: Digital Media Arts, Digital Media, Film, Color, Lighting, Lighting Techniques, dma, intensity, mood, direction

Pantone announces Color of the Year for 2015

Posted on Sat, Jan 31, 2015

Pantone introduces it's color of the year for 2015! 

Pantone, self-described as the world-renowned authority on color, predicts which hue will be the hottest trend in the upcoming year. Marsala was officially announced as the official color of 2015. Characterized as ‘naturally robust and earthy’, Marsala will be used in everything from home furnishings to clothing and cosmetics to graphic design.  


all images via Pantone.com 

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Topics: GFX, Color

How Does Color and Shape Affect Your Design?

Posted on Wed, Dec 3, 2014

Choosing the right colors and shapes is an essential part to reaching the right audience with the right emotions as a graphic designer. People often feel certain emotions when seeing certain shapes and colors and as a designer you will need to be able to use them correctly. 

Here is a quick breakdown of how colors are used in different logos: 


  • Red: Creates excitement, hunger and increases heart rate. It represents 300px-KFC_logo.svglCnn.svgove, passion, and danger. Red is used by many food companies and news outlets.


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Topics: Logo Design, Graphic Design, Color, Shape

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