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    7 Design Documentaries That Can Make You a Better Graphic Designer

    Posted by Jerry Howard on Wed, Sep 18, 2013

    Inspiration is gold in the world of a designer. Here is a list of seven documentaries that will help inspire you, as well as introduce you to some of the greatest influences of modern graphic design. These choice films are a must see for any new designers. So without a moments waste, read on and check out these fascinating docks.

    Just Like Being There

    Just Like Being There, Specs Howard, Graphic, Design

     A story about gig posters. Looking at band, and film posters as an art form. Just like being there will draw you in through artists' stories, and a look at how the gig poster came to be. Artists like Daniel Danger and Jay Ryan express how the gig poster impacted current design to this day. There is a lot to take away from this film, especially the great graphic design showcased throughout. A must watch for designers and musicians alike.



    Objectified, Specs Howard, Graphic, Design

    Objectified discusses the connection we all have to design, on a day to day basis. Everything from toothbrushes, to potato peelers. Discover the designers behind some of the most common and basic products, and how their work impacts us all. A fantastic insight to the world of design, and how large the scope of it really is.


    Beautiful Losers

    Beautiful Losers, Specs Howard, Graphic, Design

    This documentary covers the lives and careers of a group of Do-it-yourself artists and designers who helped change the art world. Beautiful Losers introduces you to Aaron Rose, the founder of the "losers", and their movement. These surfers, skateboarders, and punks started a pop culture revolution. One of the artists from the losers says, "You didn't have to be smart, all you had to do was have a heart."


    Art and Copy

    Art and Copy, Specs Howard, Graphic, Design

    A documentary about advertising and inspiration. A look at the creatives behind the likes of Milk, Volkswagen, Reagan and Hilfiger. They showcase the advertising giants, and discuss how advertising advertises itself. Here you will get an in-depth look into the ad business, as well as the brilliant designers who create it.


    Eames: The Architect & The Painter

    Eames, Specs Howard, Graphic, Design

    The husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames, was an incredible influence on industrial design. Each fascinating in their own right, the Eames would go down in history as design icons. This documentary captures the personal life story of the couple, as well as their works, and the impact they had on the design world. A must see for designers.


    Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

    Milton Glaser, Specs Howard, Graphic, Design

    Americas foremost graphic designer: designer of the iconic "I [heart] N.Y." logo, teacher, and humanitarian. Milton Glaser has been one of the most talked about artists in the realm of graphic design. This film takes you through the life and works of the famed designer. This film will get you thinking about design in a whole new way.



    Helvetica, Specs Howard, Graphic, Design

    This documentary explores typography, graphic design, and global visual culture. Helvetica questions the most commonly used typeface in graphic history. Some designers call it a perfect font, others despise it. Either way, it's all around us, see just how much Helvetica impacts our daily lives. 



    These documentaries are sure to inspire, as well as inform. Absorbing the knowledge given from some of the biggest names in the graphic design world is worth its weight in gold. Keep designing your hearts out, it only makes the world better.

    Are there any documentaries we've missed? Let us know which design docs you love.

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