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    Specs Spotlight: Josh Brubaker

    Posted by Steven Ferraro on Wed, Nov 13, 2019


    When Josh Brubaker started attending the Specs Howard Media of Arts, his goal was to end up working in television. However, during his classwork he was exposed to the world of radio production and ended up falling in love. Josh shifted gears and started focusing his efforts on building a career for himself in radio. After graduation, Josh took some internships that helped him further build his skills and connections. Now he serves as the creative services director for Cumulus Media Detroit and the midday on-air talent for their country station 93.1 Nash FM. Check out the video below to learn more about Josh, his career in the industry, and how the Specs Howard School of Media Arts helped make it happen.



    Topics: Radio, Detroit, Country Radio, specs spotlight, on-air, Nash FM 93.1, Cumulus Media

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