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    May 2018 Open House Graduate Panel

    Posted by Steven Ferraro on Thu, May 24, 2018

    Watch our panel of graduates from our May 2018 Open House as they discuss their careers and experiences from before, during, and after their time at the Specs Howard School of Media Arts! If you're interested in learning more about our Broadcast Media Arts, Digital Media Arts, or Graphic Design programs, fill out one of the forms on this page or visit us at specshoward.edu.

    The graduates on this panel, in order of introduction, were:

    Brandon Speagle - Brandon is a graduate of our Broadcast Media Arts program. He currently works as a photojournalist for 9 & 10 News in Traverse City. In his role as a photojournalist, Brandon spends his work days gathering information, conducting interviews, and cutting together video news pieces. Brandon was originally working to become a nurse, but when he realized his passions laid elsewhere he came to the Specs Howard School of Media Arts to pursue those passions. 

    Derek Sorenson - Derek is another graduate of our Broadcast Media Arts program who currently holds a position as an on-air personality for WWBN Banana 101.5 FM in Flint. While you can hear Derek on-air for overnight and weekend broadcasts, he also does a lot of editing of promotional radio stingers for the station. Derek had always aspired to be a DJ at a radio station, and the Specs Howard School of Media Arts provided him the training and skills he needed to achieve that dream.

    Mabel Simon - Mabel is a graduate of our Graphic Design program and is the owns her own full-service marketing agency, The i.Nfluence Network. Mabel's company offers their clients a litany of marketing services, from social media marketing to event planning. While Mabel's company has always provided these services, they weren't always 'full-service', as the graphic design work her clients needed would have to be outsourced. Since completing the GFX program at the Specs Howard School of Media Arts, Mabel has been able to offer those services in-house as well as add website design to her list of available services.

    Sean Bowman - Sean is a graduate of our Digital Media Arts program and now works as an editor and creative director for the Word Network. Sean oversees a variety of tasks needed to put together a show for the Word Network. Depending on the day, you could find him doing anything from scripting, to editing, to color grading film. Sean spent a long time working as a banker, but he wasn't getting the satisfaction he felt he should in that job field. Seeking a change in life, Sean came to check out the Specs Howard School of Media Arts, and the rest is history.

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