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    Specs Spotlight: Annie Nawrocki

    Posted by Steven Ferraro on Thu, Nov 21, 2019


    When Annie Nawrocki left high school, she knew she wanted to go into radio. She initially tried her hand at some 4-year universities, but found that the coursework wasn't lining up with what she felt she needed. With that in mind, she decided to attend the Specs Howard School of Media Arts, where she really felt like she was making steps towards a career in radio. After graduation, the Career Services department helped Annie find internships and eventually some on-air positions. These on-air positions ended up taking her to Flint, Michigan, but she found herself missing her old stomping grounds in Port Huron, Michigan. Eager to get back, Annie accepted a more video oriented position as a feature reporter at EBW.TV. Watch the video below to learn more about her current position, her journey to it, and the impact Specs Howard had on her career!


    Topics: Interview, Television, Radio, Broadcasting, Broadcast Media Arts, editing, specs spotlight, EBW.TV, reporter

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