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    Graphic Design Grad Story

    Posted by Kathryn Stickley on Mon, Feb 4, 2013

    Graphic Design Grad Gregg Phelps

    We all can see how the web is shaping the future, but who shapes the web? User Interface Designers like Gregg are key to what you see when you go online. On a daily basis, he takes others ideas and makes them a reality with his graphic design skills. Gregg is grateful for his Specs Howard experience as “aside from learning the essential software,” he says, “I learned who I am as a designer and felt proud when I realized I was on an even playing field with my co-workers.” Gregg feels like he is prepared for whatever is thrown in his direction at work, which has allowed him to move up the ladder within Detroit Media Partnership.

    We sat down with Gregg and found out more about his experience at Specs Howard...

    What do you love most about your job? 

    I love being able to help people be creative. When someone has a thought, and I create it and put it in front of their face, they are amazed and its a good feeling. I love graphic design because it allows you to alter reality. I love creating things that didn't exist in morning, that other people can see and enjoy.

    What was the most important thing you learned at Specs? 

    Aside from learning the essential software for graphic design, I learned who I am as a designer and what design career path I would most like to get into.

    What is your favorite part about your current career path? 

    I like working with creative people. I also feel the work we do helps companies succeed and stay current and competitive, and that feels good.

    What led you to decide to attend Specs Howard? 

    I first decided to research Specs because my dad went there. I found that Specs allowed me to learn everything I needed to know to get a start in the business. I saw they had grads and connections all over the industry, which I knew would help me break into it. I liked that I wouldn’t have other classes to weigh me down. I could put all my time and focus into learning my passion.

    How has Specs Howard prepared you for the workforce?

    I got to dip my toes into all aspects of my field, so I was well prepared for anything my work threw at me. Which helped me get multiple promotions, as well as help me know which narrowed path I would like most.

    What do you feels separates Specs from other schools? 

    There are no other classes or distractions weighing you down. I went their to learn graphic design, and thats what I got. Then you graduate from Specs ready to enter to workforce. But if you want to go take those other classes too, your credits from Specs will transfer to other schools and you can put them towards a degree. Meanwhile, you're already working in the industry and have a leg up on your competition.

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