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    Specs Howard's 10 Ways to Spot a Graphic Designer

    Posted by Gasper Rubino on Fri, Feb 8, 2013

    Specs Howard School of Media Arts "10 Ways To Spot A Graphic Designer"

    Graphic Designers are some of the most observant people on Earth, but they can also go undetected by the people around them. Don't be alarmed, we have spent time with these people and foundout that they are harmless. If left alone, a Graphic Designer will find ways to occupy themselves and leave you alone. However, if not disturbed, these people will forget to eat, bathe, and sleep while creating designs. For your comfort we have pulled a list together of their top 10 traits so you can tell if you or someone you know may be a Graphic Designer. 


    1: Brutally honest about your style, and choice of color scheme

    You will never know when they strike, but you are always on the lookout for the next great assault on your look. Don't take any offense to what they say. Instead take it as an opportunity to get wise advice about how you should look. 


    2: Spends far too long talking about any logo

    "Would you look at this menu, ugh, and their logo, who chose these colors?" If you have ever heard that while out to dinner with a friend; chances are they are a Graphic Designer, and you have no idea why they care. 


    3: Overly critical on all T.V. and print ads

    We all like to make fun of commercials, but a designer does it with such passion you almost feel bad for the people acting in the spot. Best way to deflect this anger is smile and nod, and say "You are right, that is a bad color choice."


    4: Finds inspiration in things most people will never notice like the patterns in a brick wall, or the polka dots on a dress

    The long gaze and focusing may make them look mysterious and deep, but a designer is really just trying to figure out how to recreate that texture in Illustrator or Photoshop. 


    5: Takes photos with a 45 degree knee bend, and a slight head tilt

    If Instagram has taught us anything, it's that anyone can take a photo. Only Graphic Designers can do so with their legs bent in a way Cirque Du Soleil would be proud of. 


    6: Makes purchases based on the design of the package, not the need for the product

    Millions of purchases a day are Graphic Designers buying interesting packaging with no actual idea what the item is, or how it is used. 


    7: Able to tell you the difference between fonts, and will destroy your flyer for using Comic Sans

    If you are building a flyer for your friends band, just go with Helvetica. Helvetica is proven to be the font that soothes a designers desire to tear your work apart. The second worse choice would be Times New Roman.


    8: Will never be comfortably able to verbally say I love you, but will have no problem showing it artistically

    Did they say it sarcasticly, or did they really mean it? Just wait until they do it with a work of art, that is one way to know with out doubt, you are theirs. 


    9: Prefers books with more pictures than words

    Not that they cannot read, but again if the font is off it angers them. Words are great if they are included in typographical art work


    10: Loves social media, and spends a lot of time sharing great ads or designs

    Their Facebook wall is full of links from Ads of the World, and their tumblr is cat gifs with witty designs around them. If you want them to like your post the best way is to share a post from a creative blog talking about the latest Old Spice ad.   



    The next time you see a guy talking endlessly about colors or passionately criticizing a menu you know they're a Graphic Designer. If they are unsure about becoming a Graphic Designer, that's ok, we're here for them. Specs Howard School of Media Arts has over 40 years of helping media professional overcome their fears, and have programs developed to help them gain a better understanding of their skills. With the one year Graphic Design program at Specs Howard, students will learn what it takes to work in the field. 

    We have laid out above some ways to spot a designer, but we also know there are more. Help us out and let us know what we missed, just comment below. 



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